Harry's Juices

R 225.00


Harry’s Juice is a fresh elixir movement. In a world that values economic success as the primary goal. It's a model based on dominance that does not help us. We stand for a better future. This is about our health and the health of our planet. It's about a world where farmers are valued, our ecosystem is looked after, and we feel safe as consumers.

This box has five different cold-pressed elixirs in it - each with their own intention. We source our ingredients for their quality, production process, and the people who make it possible - premium natural ingredients make the best elixirs.

  • A Hipster in Time Saves Nine: Apple, Kale, Spinach, Cucumber, Lemon, Ginger
  • Happy Heart: Orangehs, Ginger, Turmeric
  • Drop Dead Healthy: Beetroot, Carrots, Apples
  • Beach Vibes: Watermelon, Lime, Mint
  • Total Refreshment: Apples, pineapple, Lemon, mint