Know Your Food - Buddha Bowls

Know Your Food - Buddha Bowls

Where it’s from, a bit about it, perhaps a fun fact and how to store or keep fresh.
Sweet Potatoes  
These tasty Buddha Bowl staples come from Patrysvlei where Thomas Bergh grows exotic potatoes just outside of Clanwilliam. For the Bergh’s, farming is about ensuring the food on your table has been responsibly produced and that it's good for you and the planet too. Store your potatoes (unwashed) in a dark cupboard. When you want to cook, bake, fry or boil these earthy bulbs, wash them under cool water. Don’t be afraid to cook them unpeeled – they’re relatively soft and much of the nutritional value of a potato is found in its skin. If baked or fried, the skins add a rustic crunch when coated in olive oil.
Red Cabbage
We’re excited to have produce from The Lentegeur Market Garden in your Market Box this week! Because of its compact shape, cabbage can be hard to wash – so slice your cabbage leaves up first then give them a good rinse under cold water. Cabbages come in many colours, but green and red cabbage have a higher concentration of vitamin C than other varieties.
Also known as courgettes in many countries, we’ve sourced your zucchini from the small-scale farming community – Umthunzi Farming Community. With soft and edible seeds, zucchinis are usually served cooked – steam, grill, stuff, bake, barbeque or fry these Vitamin C rich summery veggies.
Did you know that there are over 38 000 varieties of mushrooms and this week’s portobellini variety comes from Funky Fungi. Mushrooms are a delicious and healthy meat alternative and should be stored in the fridge – they keep for up to 7 days.
Swiss Chard
This leafy green – with large, fleshy, tender, deep-green leaves and a thick, crisp stalk – is sourced from Naturally Organic. Although they’re unrelated, chard is similar to spinach, but with a stronger, slightly more bitter, flavour. Enjoy braised, in a stew or with any dish in need of a leafy side. The stems are firmer than the leaves, so chop up and cook them before the leaves. This leafy green keeps for up to four days in the fridge, or you can store them in a vase of water out of the fridge – they double as a decorative bouquet.
Gem Lettuce
The gem lettuce in your box comes from Valota. This compact, crispy lettuce is considered to be the sweetest of all lettuce varieties. To keep your leaves fresher for longer – rinse, pat dry with a towel and place them in a sealable bag or container that has a few holes in it to aid with airflow.
We’ve got a tropical fruit in your box to add a bit of sweetness to your Buddha Bowl. Store your mangoes at room temperature, where they will continue to ripen and become increasingly aromatic. Only refrigerate fully ripe mangoes and use within a few days. Enjoy!
These juicy fruits were sourced from Terra Madre with almost 1g of fiber in each plum. Store them in the fridge – they can keep for up to 5 days. When halved around the center, plum pits are easily removed.
Goddess Pesto
Your zesty mixed herb pesto is sourced from Gaia! It’s dairy-free and nut-free, and made from the following ingredients: mixed fresh herbs (basil, coriander, mint, parsley), sunflower seeds, garlic, lemon juice, sunflower oil, nutritional yeast, Himalayan pink salt, and citrate. Keep refrigerated and use within one week.
Organic Chickpeas
We’ve sourced this week’s chickpeas from Real Food Factory.  Chickpeas are high in fibre and protein and are a good source of iron, phosphorus, and folic acid. They’re extremely versatile too and can be used in many ways. Mash to a paste with lemon juice, olive oil, and sesame paste for a delicious dip or bread spread. Mashed cooked chickpeas can also be formed into small flat cakes or balls and fried for falafel. Chickpeas are also a common ingredient in soups, salads, and stews.
Spinach Bread
Your much loved gluten-free bread is back! Baked in the ovens of local spinach innovator, Spinach King, using spinach sourced from local microfarms, tapioca and rice flour. Owner, Lufefe, explains that he started Spinach King to promote the consumption of spinach by producing innovative spinach products to combat health challenges in his local community. Heat/toast your slices before eating.
The creamy feta in some boxes this week is sourced from Camelot. When properly stored in brine or milk and refrigerated, feta cheese will last up to 3 months – it is not ideal for freezing. Its salty flavour comes from the fact that it was briefly cured in goats’ or sheep’s milk. While its crumbly texture makes it perfect for sprinkling on top of scrambled eggs and/or salads.
Coconut Yogurt
Enjoy Bolgari’s delicious dairy-free yoghurt as is – with milk, honey and some walnuts for a wholesome snack or add to your cooking – it’s great in both savoury and sweet dishes. The yoghurt is 100% natural, lactose and gluten-free and is loaded with active cultures which have amazing benefits for your digestive health and immunity. It also contains high amounts of protein and calcium – delicious!
The chicken in your box this week comes from Son of a Butcher (SOB), whose produce is pasture-reared and free of hormones. Once removed from its packaging, discard any residue liquids – then rinse your chicken and set it aside to air for 20 minutes. This process helps remove the cold edge, bringing it closer to room temperature and ensuring a smoother cooking process.
Deboned Lamb
Find whole piece lamb from Herdsmen. This lamb cut is best browned in a pot until golden and sealed, then cooked low-and-slow in a sauce for ultimate tenderness and flavour development – for a minimum of 2 hours.
Prego Beef Sausage
We have some mouthwatering sausages for you from Frankie Fenner in some of this week’s boxes – all of their beef is grass-fed, which means no artificial feed, grain or growth hormones – just grass. The result? Top-quality, richly flavoured beef. The beef itself is dry-aged under strict conditions which improves flavour. Store your sausage in the fridge, when you are ready to munch on them, let them reach room temperature before cooking
Ruby Kraut
Your ruby kraut is sourced from local plant-based foods producer Gaia Earth Foods. This fermented tangy ruby sauerkraut is made with red cabbage, beetroot, red onion, garlic, ginger, and Himalayan pink salt. Keep refrigerated. The kraut will continue to ferment slowly in the fridge and the flavour will develop even more.
Organic Quinoa
The Real Food Factory has provided the organic, locally grown quinoa in your box. High in protein, and low in calories this grain can be enjoyed as a side to stews, veggies, added to porridge or salads too for added texture.
The 100% organic tofu from Tofu Tub in your box is extremely rich in protein, and is made from the curds of soybean milk – also known as “The Cheese of the Orient”. Your tofu comes in vacuum-sealed packaging, so if you’re not going to use it as soon as it arrives, we recommend that you store it in the fridge and consume within 3-5 days of opening.
Choc Chip Cookie
Find vegan chocolate chip cookies in your box from Dolce Bakery. Dolce’s vegan products are Halaal certified, with inclusivity and customer happiness part of their business philosophy.
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