Cape-based Camelot Organic Farm’s quick and easy halloumi hacks + a new recipe

Cape-based Camelot Organic Farm’s quick and easy halloumi hacks + a new recipe

25th November 2020 |

Bring your halloumi cheese to life with these amazing halloumi hacks by Cape-based producer Camelot Organic Farm. These quick and easy hacks use the #goodproduce in some of this week’s Greek inspired Market Boxes! There’s still time to sink your teeth into this week’s cheesy goodness by placing your orders before this Thursday at 10 am for delivery on 3 December.  Get your orders in today and let’s get snacking! 

#1 Halloumi on The Braai

This tasty treat is ready in less than 10 minutes. Start by brushing your cheese with olive oil and place on a nice hot pan to ensure a crisp golden finish. Add fresh garlic, black pepper and a drizzle of lemon juice when cooked. Allow to cool, and you can eat or serve it straight from the pan. Or chop into cubes and add to your favourite Greek salad in place of feta.

#2  Halloumi on Toast

Grill your halloumi for about 2 minutes each side, toast slices of sourdough bread and place your grilled halloumi, with grilled cherry tomatoes and a sprinkle of Sumac onto your toasted slices of bread. This toastie tastes great with a fried egg for breakfast!

#3 The Secret to a Crispy Crust

Don’t hurry to turn the cheese over when grilling or pan frying your halloumi. Always allow a crispy crust to form before turning it over. Also, remember to oil the cheese and not the pan you’re frying it in. Lastly drizzle with lemon juice after removing the cheese from the pan, don’t add the lemon to the pan. 

 Thanks to Camelot Organic Farm for these great snackable tips. Did you know that Camelot’s halloumi cheese is handmade using only pasture-fed cows’ milk and rennet. It’s brined in water and hand-harvested West Coast sea salt – with no additional additives. The Camelot team also believes in making all their dairy products by hand as the aim is to “produce foods we would eat ourselves and feed to our children and grandchildren” they explain. Keep your halloumi refrigerated (as it’s preservative free). If looked after, it has a shelf life of 3-4 weeks.


The Ultimate Mezze Platter 

We’re talking golden Camelot halloumi with Cooked’s hummus, Lebanese Bakery’s flatbreads, Mediterranean Delicacies greek olives, a fresh tomato, baby spinach & cucumber salad… the options are endless. 

  • Make your own tzatziki!  
  •  Dice up some onion, tomatoes, and shred some baby spinach. Toss together with some lemon juice, olive oil and seasoning.  
  • Pan fry the wraps until golden on both sides and heated through. Slice into quarters. You can also leave the wraps whole, and make delicious roll ups!  
  • Slice up some avo and throw it through some lemon juice, fresh shredded mint leaves, and some seasoning.  
  • Fry some 1cm thick slabs of halloumi in a bit of oil until golden on both sides and soft.  
  • Lay out everything on a board along with some olives and hummus.  
  • Layer up the flatbread quarters and get munching!