Bao Down to these delicious bao bun fillings + a fresh new recipe!

Bao Down to these delicious bao bun fillings + a fresh new recipe!

2nd December 2020 |

In this week’s Market Box, find the famous, much-loved bao buns from Asian-American restaurant Bao Down in all boxes. Bao buns (pronounced “bow”), but also known as a ‘steamed buns’ or ‘baozi’ 包子, are a delicious, warm, and fluffy treat! Filled with tasty goodies (of your choice) wrapped inside a sweet, white dough. They closely resemble a dumpling – just a tad sweeter.  Order this week’s Market Box inspired by Vietnamese foods before tomorrow at 10am for a taste of the bao, and use our filling inspo below to wow your guests at your next festive feast. 

#1 Mushrooms x Bao – trust us! 

Vegetarian foodies, this one's for you. We love golden spicy mushrooms with pickled slaw and fresh coriander – all served in a delectable bao bun from Bao Down.

#2  Taking your Baos under the sea

Get ready to take a bao, chef! Serve your seared Greenfish tuna, pickled rainbow carrot, coriander and spicy soy mayonnaise in a Bao Down bao bun – it's guaranteed to take you to seafood heaven. 

#3 Three’s a charm: fried tofu, avocado and kimchi

Snug crispy fried tofu bits layered with spicy kimchi, mayo, creamy avocado, and, pickled onions between two halves of a steamed bao bun – let us know once you’ve tried it!

Find some of the ingredients you’ll need for the above fillings (and more) in this week’s Market Box! Be sure to check out our Recipe Inspiration blog page for the full recipes too. Want to know how to ensure your buns turn out as fluffy as can be? Here’s a note from the Chefs.


How to steam your Bao Down Baos at home 

Your bao will keep in the fridge for 3 days – they are freezer-friendly. Thaw completely before steaming.

Bao Bun Cooking Method In Bamboo Steamer: 

  • Use a pot big enough for the bamboo steamer to fit on top of. 
  • Fill the pot with water and place on medium- high heat. 
  • Once the water is boiling carefully, place the bamboo steamer onto the pot. 
  • Place the bao, paper side down, into the bamboo steamer and close.  
  • Steam for 3 minutes or until the bao are heated through.

Bao Bun Cooking Method In a Pot: 

  • Use a large, heavy based pot with a tight fitting lid.
  • Place a heat-proof bowl (large enough to fit upside down on the base of the pot) over the pot.
  • Pour some water into the pot until it is halfway up the bowl.
  • Place a dinner plate on top of the bowl, and once the water is boiling and there is enough steam, carefully place the bao, paper side down, onto the plate. 
  • If you are using a tight fitting, flat lid – cover the underside of the lid with a clean dish towel and place onto the pot. The dish towel will absorb any moisture that builds up on the lid, and prevent the bao from becoming soggy (nobody wants a soggy bao). 
  • Steam for 3 minutes or until the bao are heated through.