5 things you didn’t know about local seasoning producer Funky Ouma + a new Spanish recipe!

5 things you didn’t know about local seasoning producer Funky Ouma + a new Spanish recipe!

9th December 2020 | 

Find the 100% natural, herb salt mixture from Funky Ouma in this week’s Spanish themed Market Box. You can’t miss the trendy and colourful Chilli Salt travel tin in your box. This chilli seasoning tastes as good as it looks and can be used as a rub for meats when marinating, to season a pasta dish or add it to a veggie roast for a zingy bite of flavour. 

Funky Ouma Gourmet Food offers farm fresh herb filled cooking salts and spices and is known for its artful tin packaging. The name ‘Funky Ouma’ is inspired by the funkiest ouma Anneke van Rooyen, who at 67 started her own business together with her daughter, Johannita Eksteen. We chatted to the dynamic mom and daughter duo about their trendy seasoning, homegrown herbs and passion for #goodproduce 


Here are the 5 things we’ve learnt: 


  1. They use natural course salt from Walvis Bay and the Himalayas to make their seasoning. The chilli salt seasoning in your Market Box is a tastier, healthier natural substitute to your everyday salts and spices.
  2. Their herbs are homegrown! The factory, herb garden and lemon orchard are all on the farm where they live.  The best part about their business is that it allows Johannita to be involved in her kids’ daily lives and be there when they need her, and to allow ouma to, well, be ouma! And have fun with the kids in between work.
  3. The duo wanted to share their passion for natural, quality ingredients with South Africa. And seeing that South Africans love to braai – it made sense to introduce a trendy braai salt to the market.
  4. Lemon zest, rosemary and organum is the secret to their deliciously moreish flavours.
  5. We’ve got recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner inspired by the Funky Ouma Chilli Salt on our Recipe Inspiration page. Happy cooking! 




Spicy Aubergine Taco with Sassy Salsa 

El Burro Mercado’s Tortilla tacos filled with soft golden aubergine, Avolands avo and Umthunzi tomato salsa, Neighbourhood Farm basil and onion. 


  • Roughly chop up some aubergine, place it in a colander with some salt, and set aside to degorge. Then, after 10 minutes – pat dry. 
  • In a pan over a medium-high heat with some oil, sauté your aubergine until golden all over and cooked through – turn it as it colours. Season with some Funky Ouma Chilli Salt 
  • Make your salsa: cube some Avolands avo, slice some onion, roughly chop some basil, zest and juice some lemon. Combine together, and add some seasoning with a drizzle of olive oil.
  • In a pan over a medium heat, dry-fry the tortillas on one side for a couple of minutes until golden – then turn, and sprinkle over some grated cheese. Let it melt a bit, then remove from the pan. 
  • Fill up your tacos with some golden chilli aubergine and sassy salsa. Delish!