3 Curry Pastes You Can't Live Without + Authentic Sri Lankan Recipes To Try

3 Curry Pastes You Can't Live Without + Authentic Sri Lankan Recipes To Try

“If I were to be a curry paste I think I would choose the Korma curry paste. I enjoy the medley of coconut and light chilli flavour. It tastes like comfort food and mom's cooking.”

Meagan Abrahams always had a passion for cooking. She’d never cooked for anyone besides her family and the odd date nights with friends but in March 2020 she was retrenched due to COVID and it turned out to be the push she needed to take the plunge and commit to starting her food business – Taste the Paste. 

Based in Plumstead, Cape Town – Taste the Paste produces authentic Indian curry pastes made from natural toasted whole spices, fresh herbs and roasted peppers. “I try to explore all cuisines but have found that my real passion is with spices. I owe part of it to my heritage and also to my dad taking me to spice shops and getting lost in all the smells, colours and textures of each spice.” Meagan explains.

Her 3 favourite curry pastes are the korma, rogan josh and Sri Lankan curry paste. Find the versatile Sri Lankan curry paste in all Market Boxes ordered before this Thursday at 10 am. The  green chilli and fenugreek seeds in this paste evokes the flavours of Sri Lanka, while its rich colour is owed to the freshly ground turmeric as well as fresh whole tomatoes also in the paste. This versatile paste can be used with any meat, fish or vegetables. Simply marinate your choice of meat with the paste for 1 hour or more, melt some coconut oil in a saucepan, add the meat and stir until sealed. Add some stock or water and simmer until the meat is tender. The addition of coconut milk will tone down the heat if required. “The Sri Lankan paste is my latest paste and I owe it all to UCOOK for encouraging me to research the Sri Lankan cuisine and experimenting in my kitchen”. Meagan adds. 

On the guiding principles behind her business, Meagan, explains that producing healthy, restaurant-quality products (that cater for various dietary needs) is important to her.

“One cannot exist without food. Not many people can afford to eat out regularly and with the current state of the economy, not many people can eat out at all. This is the motivation behind my company, to have affordable and restaurant-quality food made at home and to be enjoyed by the whole family.” she explains.

Meagan hopes her journey will inspire others foodies to take the plunge and follow their passion. “It is daunting and there is always fear as to whether it will be a success, but you never know what may happen.  I have often heard stories about successful entrepreneurs who said that due to unforeseen situations, they started their businesses. I wish I did not wait until I was retrenched to start this business. Start now. If you have passion and if you can dream it, you can make it happen.” she concludes.

We’re excited to have Meagan join our Market Box family! Ready to get cooking with Taste the Paste’s versatile Sri Lankan curry paste, Chef? Try some of this week’s Sri Lankan inspired recipes here. Be sure to show us your beautiful creations by tagging us in your pictures on Instagram @ucook.market