More-ish Mezze Platter

More-ish Mezze Platter

Mezze takes the party platter to a whole new level of delicious. And it's not hard to put together the perfect Mediterranean mezze platter with dips like hummus or tzatziki, along with fresh veggies and other Mediterranean favorites.

  • Find the largest platter you have to display your mezze. Of course, you can serve mezze in separate small dishes. 

  •  If you have time, make a Mediterranean salad like tabouli, or you can slice up some fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, which are great with dips and spreads. 

  • Add roasted vegetables! We enjoy roasted eggplant; we like our eggplants plain with a pinch of Sumac! Other options for veg are roasted tomatoes, baked zucchini or roasted sweet potato.  

  • Consider adding some hummus from your box and if you have time make some tzatziki, see D-I-Y Tzatziki recipe. 

  • Add olives and briny pickles of your choice! 

  • Other platter favourites include cheese, we like to use feta or halloumi. 

  • Meats - perhaps some beef koftas (see Beef Kofta recipe), or golden Falafel, follow the instructions on the falafel mix packaging. 

  • Some sliced figs or grapes for a little something sweet to cleanse the palette. 

  • Of course, a warm golden wrap is always a good choice to go with your mezze platter. Pan-fry the wraps in garlic and butter/oil with a sprig of rosemary until golden on both sides. Cut the crisped-up flatbreads/ wraps into fours or keep them whole and layer the tasty elements on top! 

  • Serve on the selected platter and  garnish with fresh herbs and some pomegranate gems if you have some hanging around. Nuts make a great garnish, too.


Enjoy the platter on your own or share it with a special someone as an appetizer for a grand Turkish feasting. Enjoy!