Herdsmen’s Lamb Kebabs with Tabbouleh

Herdsmen’s Lamb Kebabs with Tabbouleh

Tasty, crunchy fresh tabbouleh with Greek-style Herdsmen lamb kebabs.

For the lamb:

  • For the marinade, mix together 40ml of olive oil, 1 clove of grated garlic, ½ lemon’s juice, some finely chopped onion, chopped thyme, sweet paprika, cumin (optional), and salt and pepper.

  • Coat the lamb kebabs in the marinade and set aside for 1 hour. Get started on the tabbouleh.

  • Braai: Cook on the  braai over medium hot coals for 20 min till the fat is rendered and crispy and the meat is medium and and still juicy.

  • Oven: Cooked in the oven 35-40 min at 200°C until the fat is nicely rendered and crispy.

  • Pan-fry: Cook on the pan over medium-high heat for 20-30 min till the fat is rendered and crispy and the meat is medium and and still juicy.

  • After cooking let the kebabs rest for 5 min before cutting off the skewers and serving.

For the tabbouleh:

  • Preheat the oven to 200°C, roughly chop some onion, tomato and aubergine. Coat the veg in oil and season well. Roast the veg in the oven for about 25 min until tomatoes are soft and juicy and the onion is crisping up.

  • Place about half a cup of bulgar into a bowl, submerge in boiling water and cover with a plate. Let sit for about 20 min, strain season and set aside. You can choose whichever grain you like best here.

  • Once the veggies are ready, allow to cool then toss through some cooked bulgur - or you can toss it through whilst still hot.

  • Chop a mixture of fresh herbs; origanum, picked thyme, mint and parsley and any other herbs you have on hand, and fresh veg; carrots, cucumber and tomatoes. Mix these into the bulgur and veg once it's cooled to room temperature.



Serve the lamb on a bed of the tabbouleh and don't be afraid to add some delicious hummus or tzatziki (recipe under Tasty Tips) on the side just for some more flavour-flav!