Buddha Bowl o’ Breakfast

It’s a great day for sticky golden beef mince, caramelised onion, mushrooms, tomato, free-range egg, feta, and pesto for breakfast — all packed into a bangin’ bowl! Yes please! 

  • Grate or thinly slice some red cabbage. Make some pickling liquid by combining some white wine or red wine vinegar with some honey or sweetener. Toss through the cabbage. Season to taste, and set aside to pickle. 
  • Finely slice some onion, mushrooms, and chop some tomato into cubes.
  • Place a pan on a medium heat with a dash of oil. Add the onion and fry until translucent and starting to brown, then add a dash of balsamic vinegar to caramelise the onions. Add in the beef mince with your choice of seasoning, along with some grated ginger and garlic – fry until browned. Then add a splash of soy or Worcestershire sauce and cook until reduced and the mince is fully cooked. Then, remove from the pan and set aside.
  • Add your mushrooms and a herb of your choice (we like thyme) to the pan and fry until golden — season well.
  • Whisk your eggs with a splash of water or milk and scramble.
  • In a bowl place the scrambled egg and next to it put in the mince, mushrooms, onion, fresh tomatoes, pickled red cabbage and a crumble of feta. Sprinkle over roughly chopped coriander and dollop on some pesto (or your favourite sauce).


Replace the beef mince with crispy bacon, or cooked lentils if you’d prefer!