Bircher Muesli with Caramelised Pear

Bircher Muesli with Caramelised Pear

A wholesome, hearty, caramally explosion.

  • Combine some oats and your choice of fruit juice (we like apple, pear or orange) in a medium bowl. Cover then refrigerate overnight.

  • Peel and core a pear; quarter it  lengthways. 

  • Place the quartered pears in a large saucepan with some wine (optional) and water, enough to cover the pears, a generous amount of sugar, honey or maple to sweeten things up, a squeeze of lemon juice and a bay leaf or cinnamon stick; bring it to a boil.

  • Once boiling, reduce heat and simmer, covered, for about 30 minutes or until tender. Using a slotted spoon, remove the pears from the syrup, reserving some syrup for other uses, if you like, perhaps as a sweetener for a smoothie. Cool the pears slightly so they hold their shape.

  • Melt some butter/plant butta in a large frying pan, add the tender pears and a couple tablespoons of brown sugar. Cook, stirring occasionally, over medium heat until pears have caramelised.

  • Coarsely grate another pear, and add it to your oats along with some yogurt, chopped nuts of choice, and a bit of poaching liquid to sweeten it up to your taste. Stir to combine and season.

  • Serve your bircher topped with caramelised poached pears and extra yoghurt/coco yogurt.


Soaking the oats overnight helps to break down the starch, this high fiber breakfast will keep you fuller for longer! And is a delicious way to start the day.