Know Your Food - Pizza Night

Know Your Food - Pizza Night

Where it’s from, a bit about it, perhaps a fun fact and how to store or keep fresh.

Sweet Potatoes



Keep these lovelies unpeeled – when eaten with their skin on, sweet potatoes are a great source of fibre and Vitamin A, easy to prepare and incredibly versatile – bake, steam, boil, mash, fry, or juice ‘em.




Hello tamaties! We’ve sourced these delight from Umthunzi. Tomatoes are a great source of Vitamin A – great for cell growth and development, fighting off diseases

and even good vision.




Also known as eggplant or brinjal, the aubergine is a popular meat substitute in Mediterranean cuisine. Sourced from Umthunzi, aubergines should not be eaten raw because of their bitter taste – add them to stews, roast, grill or fry them. Chef’s tip: if you slice and salt aubergine it helps eliminate the bitterness and prevents it from absorbing a lot of oil when frying or sautéing. This technique is called “sweating” and can be achieved in 3 easy steps: slice up your veg, place on a board and sprinkle with salt – after about 30 minutes, rinse off the salt and pat your pieces dry. 




The luscious leaves from Meuse in your box are great for salads. The rocket’s peppery taste is also a flavourful add to pastas, stews and it makes a delicious topping to pizzas. Rich in Vitamin A, C and K these leafy greens are rocking with minerals and flavour.

Sweet Peppers



 Your sweet peppers are sourced from Umthunzi and can be stored at room temperature, in the fridge, or stored frozen in a zip-locked freezer bag for up to 6 months. Also known as bell peppers, these veggies contain carotenoids which promote eye health.

Swiss Chard



This leafy green – with large, fleshy, tender, deep-green leaves and a thick, crisp stalk – is sourced from Naturally Organic. Although they’re unrelated, chard is similar to spinach, but with a stronger, slightly more bitter, flavour. Enjoy braised, in a stew or with any dish in need of a leafy side. The stems are firmer than the leaves, so chop up and cook them before the leaves. This leafy green keeps for up to four days in the fridge, or you can store them in a vase of water out of the fridge – they double as a decorative bouquet.

Mushrooms Portobellini



Did you know that there are over 38 000 varieties of mushrooms?! And this week’s portobellini variety comes from Funky Fungi. Mushrooms are a delicious and healthy meat alternative. Store in the fridge – they keep for up to 7 days. Cooked portobellini can be frozen and will keep for several months. Place in freezer containers or bags, excluding as much air as possible. Uncooked mushrooms don't freeze well.

Herb Bundles 



This week, your herb bundles come from Umthunzi Farming Community – a social organisation operating within the Cape Town food system. Their herb bundles were born from the need for local farmers to sell their produce and herbs and the Umthunzi Farming Community served as a route to market. Your herb bundle is a mix of herbs that have been seasonally farmed – for any soft herbs (like coriander, dill, parsley and basil), cut the stems and place in a jar with a small amount of water. For your harder stemmed herbs (like oregano, rosemary, thyme and sage), store your bundle in an airtight container in your fridge. 


Stone Fruit 



We’ve a variety of stone fruit selections from Terra Madre farm based in the beautiful Elgin Valley. Terra Madre is a family-owned business that grows and sources sustainable fruits and vegetables. It’s the result of the Precoudis family’s commitment to sustainability and the community they serve. Theirs is a vision to genuinely make a difference in society and in peoples’ health, while honouring and respecting Mother Earth.


Pizza Sauce 



Find delicious tomato pizza base sauce from Knead Bakery in your box! Made from whole peeled tomato, tomato sauce, extra virgin oil, salt, pepper and an assortment of Italian herbs – this sauce is ready to use with any pizza recipe.


Pizza Bases



These wooden fire cooked pizza bases are sourced from Knead Bakery and made from yeast, flour, salt and extra virgin olive oil. When you’re ready to use them, be sure to preheat the oven to 300°C (or max) with the tray inside to heat up. When ready, remove the hot tray on the oven, place the pizza on top, and return it to the oven, until the outside rim is crispy and the cheese has melted.


Mozzarella Cheese



Camelot’s mozzarella is handmade using Italian cultures and microbial rennet – with no preservatives or additives of any sort. This slightly matured mozzarella melts beautifully and can be sliced and served with salami, other lovely meats, breads and of course provides a creamy melt to pizzas. This cheese’s shelf life is 3 weeks, but can still but can still be used for up to 6 weeks.


Vegan Mozzarella Cheese



LeCoquin is French for a sneaky little child, but as this sustainable supplier explains, their cheeses are free from dairy, egg, gluten, and soy – so there’s no need to sneak around when adding this firm-but-slightly-elastic cheese to your meals.Your vegan mozzarella is the perfect pick for adding a creamy melty yummy texture to your pizzas!





Your colby cheese comes from Kleinriver Cheese, situated near Stanford, and home to the Baleta family – who’re dedicated to living and working in tune with their environment and community. Colby cheese is ‘all-purpose’ cheese – it can be grated, wedged, melted, eaten on its own, and it slices wonderfully! This deliciously creamy and mild cheese is made with pasture-fed Jersey cow milk that has been pasteurised. Remove the plastic wrapping from your cheese and instead store (wrapped up) in a Beeswax wrap, tinfoil or in a sealed container in the fridge.


Oat Milk



Find fresh, locally-sourced oat milk from Oaternative in all boxes this week! This creamy, plant-based delight is ideal for coffee, tea, delicious in cereal or can be enjoyed as is. Made from oat, water, canola oil, stabiliser, calcium carbonate, and sodium chloride – the cold pasteurization treatment (called High Pressure Pasteurization), was used to produce this oat mil – a process which ensures all the goodness of the oats is retained. 


Beef & Rosemary Sausage

- SMALL, MEDIUM & LARGE (Mixed & Red Meat Boxes)-


We have some mouthwatering sausages for you from Frankie Fenner in some of this week’s boxes – all of their beef is grass-fed, which means no artificial feed, grain or growth hormones – just grass. The result? Top-quality, richly flavoured beef. The beef itself is dry-aged under strict conditions which improves flavour. Store your sausage in the fridge, when you are ready to munch on them, let them reach room temperature before cooking.


Vegan Meatballs



The Urban Vegan meatballs should be kept frozen. When  defrosted, use within 5 days. You can defrost these in their packaging by placing in boiling water. They can be enjoyed cold or heated in a microwave.



-SMALL, MEDIUM & LARGE (Mixed & White Meat Boxes)-


Find Elgin free-range chicken in some of this week’s protein option boxes. 


“To us, being authentically free range means more than just free-roaming. It also means stress-free, and free to behave naturally. We work with nature to keep our birds healthier and happier, which in the long run also improves the flavour and texture of the meat.” – the team at Elgin explains. 


Whole Fish 

-SMALL, MEDIUM & LARGE (White Meat Boxes), MEDIUM & LARGE (Mixed Meat Boxes)-


Find a whole Cape bream in some of this week’s boxes from Abalobi. Abalobi is an organisation that seeks to empower small-scale fishing operations through the use of technology that ensures consumers are able to trace the origins of their sustainably caught, seasonal fish. Bake or braai your beam whole in delicious lemon garlic butter, use your fish bones to make nourishing fish stock, or make fish cakes – it’s the gift that keeps on giving!


Back Bacon 

-SMALL, MEDIUM & LARGE (Red Meat Boxes)-


In the Red Meat selection, find back bacon from Farmer Angus – a regenerative farming business with the production of nutrient dense foods at its core.

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